ART TECHNIQUES & EXAMPLES FOR URBAN THEATRE _ Dario Vandelli _ 18.- 20. Februar _ 10:00h - 14:00h


How to adapt or to create a show which shall be presented in public or urban space?

The aim of the LAB is to share synergies and examples of how get in contact with the local community, how to engage the audience in a public space.

Also what about the skills a performer have to use in a public space?

Participants will gain practical knowledge of contemporary performing arts for open-air performances.

Addressed to students of art academies or actors & actresses already having a basic acknowledgement of performing arts


Video materials will be used during the session _ Please bring clothes appropriate for movement work.


Dario Vandelli is an experienced performer specialised on performances in pubic space. He joined ONDADURTO TEATRO in 2012.

The research and the artwork of ONDADURTO TEATRO (founded in 2005, based in Rome, Italy) are focused on Physical Theatre, Nouveau Cirque and Gesture. The different techniques of expression we use help to create a strong visual language that enables us to interact with people of any age, ethnicity and culture and to reach an international audience. ONDADURTO TEATRO is invited to present its work all over the world.




Videolink to Ondadurtos´s latest work „Terra Mia“

Our performances and shows combine the use of large objects in movement, machinery, fireworks, water effects, video projections and music.


Place: protagon Hall

when: 18. – 20. Febr. / 10:00h – 14:00h

Price: 120 € / 90€ (erm.)

Parts of th LAB will be captured by video and photo only for documentary.

The LAB is organized as part of Contact Zones.
Contact Zone is supported by EU


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