approaching archetypes 16.-18. März 2018


When a performer leaves the comfort zone and enters the empty space, he/she faces the challenge of risking to lose the known self and embracing the potential transformation. In the workshop we will cross the threshold into the unknown, as we improvise with movement, dance, sound and language. In varying settings such as alone, in pairs and groups, we go through simple tasks and thereby invite intensive personal and artistic experiences. The journey will be further shaped by archetypal themes and motives, which let us tell the story beyond the personal and (re)discover the source for force, creativity, meaning and freedom.

This workshop serves as the introductory course for performative research project “approaching archetypes” and can be taken as single workshop. Open for all levels. Please bring a blanket and comfortable training clothes.

with                       Ferenc Kréti und Jungyeon Kim (;

Language            German / English

when                     16.-18. März 2018 (Fr. 19-22 Uhr, Sa. & So. 10-17 Uhr)

where                   Antagon Halle, Orberstraße 57 Frankfurt a. M.

Price                    normal 160,- € / red. 130,- €

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