Acrobatic Stilts _ Master Class _ Jay Ruby _ Carpetbag Brigade _ 24. – 26. Februar

screen-shot-2016-12-09-at-11-46-27-amExperience the mix of yoga, acrobatic stilts and release based dance work through contact improvisation to engage in an evolving performance modality. We will work with still point exercises, partner walks, inversions & oppositions and graceful ground movement all on stilts. Exercises for falling gracefully, effortlessly and safely to the ground will be taught along with a focus on partner work for lifts. With a mix of technique and improvisation participants will learn basic tricks on stilts and be given tools to evolve their own sequences.

Stiltasana is for performers, stilters, dancers, yogis, and those with a deep curiosity to explore the capacity of their body.

Specific elements of the intensive workshop may include:

Ups & Downs – The basic movement needed to transition levels from standing to ground using partners. Moves include lunge down, basket catch, head/handstand flips, lunge pulls, rollups, backdives and the development of experimental forms.

Groundwork – Fluid movement on the floor, using the counterweight of stilts to create momentum and release. Adapting elements of Axis Syllabus inspired movement for rolls, sequences and articulation in the unique limitation of having stilts while on the floor.

Acrostilt DNA – An introduction to the essential core moves for the body in acrostilts. Preparatory exercises for for inversions, downward stiltdog, kickovers, and developing strength and balance on the ground with stilts.

Steps, Spirals & Lines – We examine the basic mechanics of walking and then walking on stilts to explore paths of ease and ways of moving through space to create dynamic contrast and challenge movement habits.

Stilt Contact Basics – An introduction to the fusion of stiltwalking and contact improvisation featuring Carpetbag Brigade’s decade long research applying the principles of contact improvisation. Using duets, trios and group work we explore still point exercises, simple lifts, sculpture forming and dynamic weight sharing

Level Changes – This Intermediate class builds on the Ups & Downs class and works on refining nuances in body composition for increased efficiency in execution. Additional vocabulary includes kickups, candlesticks, dropbacks and slide falls.

Contact Tables – Building on the stilt contact basics, this intermediate class explores the variety of transitions and dynamic sculptural possibilities in and out of tabling. Principles of contact improvisation are applied to the acrostilt vocabulary to explore expressions in level transition.

Precision in Flow – After learning forms how does one begin to use them effectively? How does one partner and maintain energy and presence outward? Precision in Flow looks at the principles beneath the forms so that execution is strong and alive.

Composition Laboratory – This is the petri dish. It is a space to explore ideas and possibilities and integrate learned vocabulary in creative process. It is the space to challenge our personal boundaries in the form and reach for the other side, then return and share the results of our discoveries.

Please Bring your own stilts plus knee pads and clothes to comfortably move around in

Jay Ruby choreographs action to animate social space and invigorate collective reflection. He cultivates spectacle-based drama using principles of precarity practice. Engaging in festal culture as an aspect of contemporary ritual he applies modalities of theater, circus and dance to address the inequities and wounds of our times.

As founder and executive director of The Carpetbag Brigade Jay Ruby stewarded the company’s innovative use of acrobatic stilting. With his colleagues he has pioneered its application in site-responsive, site-flexible and site-specific works to function as a means of developing ensemble craft, propagate community empowerment and activate cross cultural exchange.


Jay Ruby

Jay originally studied theater in Berlin, Germany at Theater Zerbrochene Fenster and later with Roberta Carreri of the Odin Teatret in Holstebro, Denmark. He has organized tours, residencies, workshops, seminars, laboratories and conducted collaborations with diverse artists. He presided over a four month residency at UNESCO’s Universal Forum of the Cultures in Monterrey, Mexico in 2007 and The Bi Cultural Road Show with Nemcatacoa Teatro from Bogota, Colombia in 2013. In 2013 he founded the Global Stilt Congress to cultivate the evolution of acrobatic stiltwalking and network its practitioners. In recent years he began to reinvestigate the craft of acting at The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards. He is an M.A. Candidate in the Humanities at Prescott College and continues to study Vipassana and Ashtanga Yoga while envisioning the future work of the Kaimos Institute. He presently alternates residency between Prescott, Arizona and Hopwood, PA when not touring with The Carpetbag Brigade.



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